Online Training Module

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Online Training Module

The Committee Against Discrimination and Sexual Harassment has launched an online training module on prevention and handling of sexual harassment. All teaching and research academic staff, all non-teaching staff on Terms of Service (A) and equivalent Terms, and Executive Officers and Project Coordinators are requested to participate in the training.

The module is self-directed. It highlights the obligations and responsibilities of those who are in a managerial or supervisory role in preventing and responding to situations in relation to sexual harassment. It also includes an overview of the related University’s policy and procedures that are in place.

To access the training:

  1. Please click the link: and read the information provided in the homepage, including the instructions, before logging in to the module.
  2. Log in with CUHK OnePass email address (alias and password.
  3. To start working on the module, please click on “Training Module” in the menu bar.
  4. There are in total 5 sections; please complete all sections in sequence. However, it is not necessary to complete the whole module at one time. You may log out at any stage you wish, and return to the same point to continue with your work or visit any previous parts by logging in at a time convenient to you.
  5. To track your progress, please click on "My Profile" on the top toolbar; if you wish to start afresh, click the "Reset Progress" button in "My Profile".
  6. The whole module lasts for approximately 30 minutes; you will be awarded a certificate with your name printed on it after having successfully completed the whole module.
  7. Let us know your opinion and feedback for improvement after completion.


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