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27a)  If the complainant* wishes the University to initiate an investigation into an act of sexual harassment, he/she should file a written complaint with the Panel Against Discrimination and Sexual Harassment.
The officer designated by the Panel Against Discrimination and Sexual Harassment may help to record an oral complaint which has to be signed and confirmed by the complainant.

  b) Upon receipt of a written complaint, the Panel Against Discrimination and Sexual Harassment will conduct a full and impartial investigation. At least two panelists of different gender shall be appointed on a roster basis by the Panel Convenor to investigate a complaint (the "Investigation Team"). Under special circumstances as deemed necessary by the Panel Convenor, a non-staff Council member, an external member or a student representative may be invited to join the Investigation Team to assist the process and secure the confidence of the parties. In cases which both parties are students, the Investigation Team shall include a student representative wherever possible.

  c) In the course of the investigation:
  i)    The complainee will be given a copy of the complaint by the Investigation Team and will be provided with an opportunity to respond to the allegation.
  ii) The complainant, complainee, witnesses and any other parties concerned will be interviewed individually, separately and in private by the Investigation Team. Neither the parties nor witnesses will be subject to questioning except by members of the Investigation Team.
  iii) Subject to the approval of the Investigation Team, any individual attending an interview may ask to be allowed to be accompanied by one person other than a legal representative. A witness in the case is not a suitable accompanying person. Such a request must be submitted in writing in advance and set out the reasons for requesting an accompanying person together with the name and occupation of the individual proposed for the Investigation Team's consideration. The Investigation Team's decision on such a request shall be final. If the request is granted, the accompanying person will not be entitled to address the Investigation Team.
  iv) Documents and/or any evidence may be produced and reviewed.
  v) A contemporaneous record will be kept of all oral evidence given to the Investigation Team.

* The Panel Against Discrimination and Sexual Harassment may conduct an investigation in respect of a complaint filed by a person who alleges that he/she was sexually harassed when he/she was seeking to be employed by the University or to be a student of the University.

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